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I’d spent an annoying 1hour, trying to find “the best” deep freezer and still couldn’t make my pick. Guess some days are like that? Wrong!… all I had to do was find the perfect spot and a guide.  Now I’ve moved into the business of showing you just what you need, where to get it, and at the best price for you!

Shopping can be really annoying most times. I find it difficult picking out the right high-end products, at the best affordable price… Wrong again! After going through certain ordeals, I figured out, how myself. You’ll be amazed at how much my expertise lately, could help you rolling with such speed and I’m also certain you’ll have fun touring with me.

 Guess it’s time to talk about me! For years, I had helped people shop. Buy user products, family packs, business setup gadgets, household fittings, baby products, factory fittings… Name it! I sure can say consistency, breeds passion. Maybe not in all cases though. I had create a job for myself and had some die –hard passion to the point of staying awake through the night, trying to decide what’s best for my client. It sure started out as hobby. Now its my job and I love it.

I’ve learned daily what works and what doesn’t!

I’m Joseph Jonathan! Your shopping guide through hi-end products shops… Whew…

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